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The story begins 7 years ago, during a trip to Burkina Faso, a real love at first sight for its culture and its inhabitants, a trip that upset the vision I had of life. 
I will go back a year later with the mad desire to stay and live there. 
During these years spent in Burkina, I had the chance to make unforgettable encounters, in contact with all these people more courageous than the others, I saw the work of men and women, daily and hard who force admiration. 
My gaze fell in particular on all these beautiful and strong women who work in the heat, traveling long distances and very often with their children. They deserve so much, so much more. 

The desire to create in the continuity of their work came to me, to offer natural products, healthy for the environment and people.
I like to know exactly where the raw material comes from, who made it and under what conditions.
The association I work with is called "Bi-songo" and is located in the village of Saponé in Burkina Faso (about 35 km from Ouagadougou, the capital). 
The transformation of shea butter is a traditional know-how specific to women, the Bi-songo association values the work of these women in order to enable them to ensure the education of their children, as well as access to health care.
The purchase of shea butter is done directly, without intermediaries and especially without negotiating prices, it is one of the values that I wish to advocate through Safandé, to recognize the work carried out by ensuring a fair salary for the women of the association. . 

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