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French soap factory
Surgras and cold saponified soaps, with Shea Butter


Safandé is the desire to create healthy products for the environment and human beings. 



By ensuring fair wages for the women who produce shea butter, without negotiating prices.
Allowing the association to continue to develop by having good working conditions.

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Fair Trade:

Promote craftsmanship:

All products are handmade in my small workshop in Touraine. The soaps come from the manufacturing process by cold saponification in order to best preserve the properties and qualities of the raw materials used. 


It is often difficult to disentangle the true from the false and to understand what is hidden in the composition of a product or behind the materials used. I want to be as close as possible to your expectations and questions in order to provide you with clear information. 

The organic label in all this? 

My products are not labeled organic for a very simple reason, cost. An organic label requires a colossal amount of money for a young company (as is also the case for the Bi-Songo association with which I work, obtaining organic certification for their Shea Butter is far too expensive for them even if the quality of their butter lives up to this certification). This is the choice I decided to make, favoring people rather than labels.
On the other hand, all the raw materials used are either harvested in the wild -therefore not treated by definition- (this is the case for shea butter, shea nut powder and hibiscus flowers) or certified from organic farming for all other raw materials (vegetable oils, essential oils).
I only select high quality raw materials, all vegetable oils are obviously virgin and first cold pressed.

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